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You take care of the charter

We'll take care about the APA

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APA accounting made simple

It has never been more complicated to stay compliant with rapidly-changing banking and fiscal regulations when handling Advanced Provisioning Allowance for a yacht charter. We provide solutions to keep APA expenses separate from the operational accounting of your yacht. Our accounting support allows your yacht managers and the crew to create the best experience for your clients without compromising on financial accuracy.



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APA accounting

Dedicated e-wallet

Online payments

Vessel prepaid cards


Follow up on fiscal queries

Managing APA funds from A to Z


Simple web-based system

Real-time, cloud-based accounting system

Automatically uploaded prepaid card transactions

24/7 support

High cyber-security standards

Accurate information

Verified by professionals

Dedicated client bookkeepers

Controlling the truthfulness of supporting evidence

Attention to detail

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Punctual delivery 

Meeting the deadlines


Service on-the-go

Service fees tailored to needs

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Accounting Documents

Individualised Accounting Care



We advise new yacht owners, charter brokers

and busy crew on financial procedures


We provide the one-stop solution for family offices, captains and pursers


We take care of the financial setup, opening a bank account and issuing prepaid debit cards


We are a trusted outsourcing company for charter brokerages, management companies and commercial vessels

Goodbyes speak louder than hellos when it comes to your client's experience

The most common source of dissatisfaction with the charter experience comes at the very end - the confusion and disagreement about APA balance. ASAP accounting support allows you to avoid this unpleasant situation that may affect your client's return next season.

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